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Assignment of the fifth for state and private professors – Here are the requirements

Assignment of the fifth for state and private professors - Here are the requirements

State or public teachers , and those who work for private institutions, regardless of the subject of teaching (including those of religion) if they occupy a position as an employee, can access the form of financing represented by the assignment of one fifth of the salary (or of the retirement after retirement age due to retirement). Those who work with VAT invoicing obviously fall outside the category of freelancers or self-employed workers .

In calculating the assignment of the fifth teacher , the net salary is taken into consideration, which will be granted a monthly payment of up to 20% of the salary itself. This modality involves all the employees as mentioned, while the state employees who meet the requirements of the Government Agency loans will be able to obtain loans at considerably reduced terms.

Lower rates for state workers: from small loans to long-term loans

Even if they have a denomination that does not include the wording of the transfer of the fifth teacher, both the small Government Agency loan and the multi-year loan provide for the repayment of the installment with deduction upstream. Over the years the systems for requesting these types of financing have been automated, making it easier, at least for the majority of cases, to present the loan application. Obviously only state teachers can access it and the necessary requirements are:

Small loan

You must have the credentials registered and the pin access to the NoiPa portal (see also Noipa Financing ). The request and the renewal of the small Government Agency loan is very simple as iter as it is sufficient to log in to the portal, enter the personal area and select the item loans. Then choose for the small loan the number of installments you want to repay ( from 12 to 48 for the request while for renewals the duration is halved ).

Depending on the choice made, the maximum amount that can be obtained is calculated, always in respect of the monthly net salary received, which in any case is reported directly inside NoiPa automatically. At the end you will have to send on the loan request, all the way online and without other formalities.

Guaranteed and direct multi-year loans

Guaranteed and direct multi-year loans

The minimum requirements provide for 4 years of seniority and payments to the fund of unitary management of Government Agency . In some particularly ‘serious’ cases, time is halved (that is, two years of seniority in enrollment and payments, as in the case of gold medals for military valor, war cripples, etc.). The method of application differs in the two cases precisely because in the direct ones it is the Government Agency that provides the loan, if there are both the subjective conditions (ie public employee plus requirements mentioned above) and objective (demonstrable presence of the motivation for which the loan is requested) loan as the purchase of a car, the need to renovate a house, incur ceremonies, etc.).

On the other hand, in those guaranteed , Social Institute acts as guarantor, but it is a partner bank (or an accredited financial institution) that grants the loan. For this reason also the economic aspects will differ, as the banks are required to guarantee better conditions than those proposed to the rest of the clientele but not to apply identical or uniform rates. Indeed there is a total free choice on the part of the lending institute itself both in defining and modifying the conditions applied over time.

Multi-year loans required

Multi-year loans required

For direct multi-year loans, you must contact your administration. He will take care of completing the necessary certification and then proceeding with the electronic submission of the loan request. In the case of guaranteed ones, the process is more cumbersome as:

  • you must choose the bank and / or financial company that reserves the best conditions, to which or to which estimates must be requested;
  • the next step requires the involvement of its own administration, which will have to fill in the appropriate forms which must be notified to Social Institute ;
  • Social Institute gives its opinion on presenting itself as guarantor for the long-term loan and communicates its availability to the bank or financial institution to which the person concerned has turned;
  • the bank (or financial) enters the phase of evaluation of the request for financing, calculation of the sums that will actually be granted and disbursement of the amount that can be granted according to the net salary of the applicant and the chosen repayment duration.

Precarious and with a fixed-term contract

Precarious and with a fixed-term contract

But what happens in the case of temporary teachers and those hired for a fixed term? For the latter there was a direct clarification from Social Institute which stated that their position is equal to that of teachers with permanent contracts if the renewal takes place from year to year. For the precarious instead the situation is more complex since to access the Social Institute loans they must have reached at least 3 years of total service as seniority of teaching (obviously matured also in a greater number of years).

The traditional transfer of banks or financial institutions not in agreement

If you want a cession of the fifth being teachers with the minimum necessary contractual conditions (for example those who have fixed-term contracts under three years of residual duration), you can turn to a bank or finance company that simply provide for the concession of this type of financing. Also in this case there may be differences depending on whether the teacher is a state employee or a private employee.

The former will be granted better conditions (such as maximum concedable sum, guarantees to be offered and rates applied) than those that are intended for a teacher who falls under the contracts as a private employee. This is because beyond specific conventions or agreements, the public employment, in all its forms, offers greater guarantees of employment stability . This aspect reduces the risk of insolvency and therefore automatically leads to better conditions.

In these cases for all employees, including teachers, it is always strongly advised to request more quotes, so as to find not only the best fifth sale but also to have a clear idea of ​​the advantage that can be obtained with one choice rather than another (including Government Agency loans and those in the agreement).

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